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I would like to commend how Mr. J F Makk of Natura llc helped our school to obtain a top of the line sports field while saving ~ $250,000.00 dollars for the school. When we started with the idea of the field renovation, we received many
proposals from contractors, with an extremely wide range in procedures and costs. At the same time, we knew that the final decision on the field renovation was going to have economical and playability consequences in the short and long term. Determining the most appropriate field for our School based on our needs and budget was something very complex, and at the same time, something we could not leave to the contractors.
Mr. Makk helped us writing the technical specifications for the new field based on the characteristic of our local soils and climate. He determined the best turfgrass based on our local climate, future use, and expected maintenance level instead of what is being produced, at the lowest cost, by a sod producer. Guiding us during the contractor prequalification and evaluation process. During construction oversight, he held the contractor accountable to the
specifications of the project keeping the undertaking on track. The current post construction/maintenance consulting allows us to save in unnecessary maintenance practices while keeping the field at its best.
Mr. Makk helped us achieve the high standard field we now have at Flintridge, we are very pleased with the end result; which keeps our athletes healthy and motivated.

Mr. Vlad Dan
Director of Facilities Flintridge Preparatory School

4543 Crown Avenue La Canada, CA. 91011
E-Mail: Phone: 818-949-5516


We've had our landscape now for 2 years, designed and installed by Natura LLC.  It's been a stunning change from dark lava and thorny cactus to blooming perennials and soft grasses. 

The new landscape fits our Ranch-style house and has widened our views. We love looking outside every day, catching beautiful views, directed by the landscape design.   
Thank you Natura-LLC! 

Esther Burke for the BurkesAddress:

2330 Shalem Colony Trail  Las Cruces, NM  88007

Phone: 575-312-8454

Dear J F,

Thank you for our new beautiful landscape!

We appreciated how you listened and designed around our dreams, then brought the plan to fruition. Your team of workers was dedicated and friendly. As spring approaches new growth is already appearing on the trees and plants. Our gorgeous yellow pansies bloomed all through the winter, even peeking out above the snow! Please use us as a satisfied and enthusiastic reference any time.

Gary and Mary Eiceman


Yes! Mr. Makk took the time to help us develop a plan that meets our maintenance needs and is aesthetically pleasing. His crew worked diligently and Mr. Makk personally supervised every aspect of the project.

Beautiful front yard!

Personal service, unique, appealing landscape.

Mrs. Rorie Measure 

Dear J F,

Thank you so much for creating beauty in our backyard.  You are gifted and very dedicated.  We appreciate your dedication.
May we refer you to other builders, etc.

Elaine Socolofsky Szalay, GRI, CRS
Broker Associate
RE/MAX Classic Realty


I took a good look at my grass, and it looks very green!


Mr. Judd Singer


I would like to recommend Natura LLC and Mr. J F Makk, particularly for his effectiveness in managing erosion and capturing rainwater on my lot in the foothills. Even though the lot is only very slightly sloped, an average rain storm would result in quickly accumulating water streams, mini-arroyos, and pooling against the uphill walls of my house. I had tried various remedies and various landscapers with continuing problems for a number of years. I was unaware that there is an entire science of water management for desert soil, until I talked to Mr. Makk and researched his background online. I believe his experience with golf courses and sport fields, his academic research, and his very conscientious work ethic place him well above the average landscaper - especially when managing a complex problem such as erosion on a desert lot. He effectively analyzed the slope of my entire neighborhood and defined the amount and sources of water accumulation. He designed a system to direct and drain the water away from my house and driveway, while distributing it in order to maintain my wild desert plants. Throughout the project, the personnel was exceptionally courteous, accountable, and receptive to any concerns I might have now - or in the future use of his system. He and his staff were careful to preserve my existing plants while using machinery and installing drains.

Now that he is finished, I am very grateful to be able to remember the appreciation I originally had for my natural desert lot, without having to consider the effects of water erosion or pooling.
My lot has transformed from a problem to a luxury.

I would recommend a consultation or design from Mr. Makk to any homeowner or builder, who is looking for an informed, professional designer/installer - especially if water run-off is a concern.

Laura Hebenstreit