Projects and references

Sport fields:

Sabater Family                                   (Soccer)       Argentina

Costa Salguero Golf                             (Golf)          Argentina

Hurlingham Golf and Polo Club             (Golf)           Argentina

Estadio Unico Ciudad de La Plata       (Soccer)          Argentina

       Club de Campo Olga Soler Golf Greens Complex       Argentina

       Oakhurst Golf and Country Club            (Golf)              U S A

       Franklin Hills CC                                     (Golf)            U S A

       New Mexico Research project                (Golf)              U S A

       Flintridge Preparatory Sports Field    (Multi sports)        U S A

       Chaparral High School - Zia Engineering                       U S A

       Polytechnic School                             (Multi sports)      U S A

       California Institute of Technology      (Multi sports)        U S A


Public venues:

       Expo Jardines 92'                                                      Argentina


Private Residences:


       1925 Tapestry Cir.                                                        U S A 

       1960 Tapestry Cir.                                                        U S A 

       1970 Tapestry Cir.                                                        U S A 

       1975 Tapestry Cir.                                                        U S A 

       2330  Shalem Colony Trial                                            U S A  

       1995 Tapestry Cir.                                                        U S A

       2020 Turrentine                                                           U S A

       1325 Portales                                                              U S A 

       160 Dressage Ct.                                                         U S A

       3393 Apple Cross ct.                                                    U S A

       4449  La Cienaga                                                         U S A

       Camino Escondido                                                        U S A

       2020 Turrentine                                                           U S A

       3116 Dyer St.                                                              U S A

       639 N. Miranda St.                                                       U S A

       713 Rena Mae Ct.                                                         U S A

      4545 Wildwood Pl.                                                         U S A

      5321 Isabella Court                                                       U S A

     1907 San Fernando Dr.                                                   U S A

Draft and design of a southwest landscape

Located in the southwest. This garden saves water while creating a welcoming environment. In the picture, a porous driveway is enfasized by a curved line of grasses watered by drip irrigation.

Photos of other projects: