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New report highlights the benefits of turfgrasses. According to the latest report of the Environmental Health Research Foundation the benefits turfgrasses are many. Feel free to take a look at this in-depth report.



Soccer injuries: Cleat-natural grass combination may be less likely to result in anterior cruciate ligament injury. Hospital for Special Surgery (2010, January 23). ScienceDaily. Retrieved January
26, 2010.


Assessing Soil Carbon Sequestration in Turfgrass Systems Using Long-Term Soil Testing Data, Yaling Qian et. al., Agron. J.
94:930–935 (2002). Study providing evidence of the beneficial impact of urban landscapes in carbon sequestration.

Subsurface drip irrigation, cover crops and conservation tillage effects on greenhouse gas emissions.

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) is one promising practice that uses less water, eliminates irrigation tail water return and has the potential to reduce CO2 and N2O emissions.


Questions about pesticides?

An excellent source for pesticide information is The National Pesticide Information Center, accesible at:




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Container Garden Workshop.

Organized by the local Garden Club for March 1st 2011.

Please contact Mrs. Bingler at for more information. 



"Garden Design" Workshop

Learn our experts' tricks. Our experienced staff will give you a better understanding of the diverse types of material and plants while showing you how best to combine them when designing your garden.