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Natura LLC has the purpose to provide integral solutions from design and consulting to construction and installation of landscape projects and sport fields. In specific cases, our services also include the management of our constructed projects. Natura LLC where the best quality is at your reach!

Natura LLC is proud to announce the opening of its retail branch at 4995 South Main in Las Cruces.

Landscape + Design


        The significant impact of the environment and surrounding landscape effect on human health and quality of life has been demonstrated by numerous studies and research**. At Natura LLC we thrive to produce landscape designs that suit the needs of residents while enhancing the property through an environmentally sound design. This is particularly important with our southwest climate. We believe that integrating outdoor spaces into daily living is a way to improve overall quality of life.

Our specialty is the singular approach to each project, a distinctive site analysis that takes into consideration the existing assets and potentialities of the landscape.

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The Process

            Every good design starts by reading your needs-expectations along with the ‘essentials’ of the site. Each place has its own specific needs, climate, and plants. Based on the site needs and vistas a message in the form of a design evolves. The character of the design is added in the process to obtain a product that has a unique and distinctive design impact.

A design that combines the environmental beauty and the unique needs on each project are the trademark of our success. About us



Who we are


You can count on our experts with many years of experience, great ideas and wide-ranging expertise.






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What we offer


Our scope of services is very broad including residential, commercial and public work.

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How we work


We approach our designs by utilizing plants suited to our climate and by selecting the most efficient irrigation systems. Embracing environmental needs is critical since the design stage. As a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) by the Irrigation Association with years of experience in the most advanced irrigation systems at research locations, we know how to select, install and operate the most proficient systems. We are a certified installer of smart weather based irrigation controllers, which adjust irrigation based on weather in addition to predetermined plant and soil parameters. Once installed, the controller is programmed and starts watering, adjusting the amount of water applied depending on weather, soil, and plant requirements hence reducing water waste while optimizing plants performance.

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